Magento Facebook Auto Poster (Magento Extensions)

Facebook Auto Poster for Magento Store is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution to provide information to your buyers, advertise, promote your products, special offers and campaigns on Facebook. The extension helps you post status about your product after add new product automatically. It can save your time with feature post multiple product on Facebook with just one click. Additionally, you can post status on multiple Facebook page and Facebook account at the same time. The extension also does not change any core file of Magento, so you can update your installation with total peace of mind.


Auto Post a new status on Facebook after add a new product
Auto Post multiple status with just one click
Auto Post status with photo
Auto Post status on multiple Facebook Pages/Groups
Scheduled post on multiple Facebook Pages
Auto Post status on both Facebook Account and Facebook Page at the same time.
Auto Post randomly product hourly/daily.
Auto Post custom status with three post types.
Auto Post multiple blog articles on Facebook (use optional with aheadWorks Blog extension)
If you want to use auto post multiple blog articles on Facebook functionality, you should install aheadWorks Blog extension at first. You can click here to install that extension. It is a free extension.



Commenti Facebook

Commenti Facebook