Magento 2 Order Attributes (Magento Extensions)

Sometimes, you want more customers? information to complete an order, but the information in the checkout process is not enough. So, you want to add extra attributes to the checkout page to collect and process additional order related data. Magento 2 Order Attributes is a great tool which helps you solve this problem. By using order attributes for magento 2, you can add custom attributes to any checkout steps, also insert attributes of any type ( text, date, dropdown, etc) for filling in. With Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension, you can get more kind of information from customer and use them for further order management and processing.

– With Magento 2 Customer Attribute Extension, you can collect more customer information by adding new attributes in the customer registration form.

– Allow users to creat a new attributes or edit existing attributes. To create a new attribute, click the Add Attribute button. To edit existing attributes, click its row in the table.

– Allow you to creat attribute with 8 types (Text Field, Textarea, Date, Date With Time,Yes/no, Dropdown, Checkbox Group and Radio Buttons ). Also, you can set Attribute Code and select Customer Group. Besides, you can choose which checkout step to show on and arrange these attributes.

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